• finedb-java: A Java client library for FineDB.
  • AngstromDB: (from the creator of FineDB) A very simple key-value noSQL database, based on LMDB and nanomsg. Used as code example during a talk.


Used libraries

Evaluated libraries

Other databases



  • Broken by Design: MongoDB Fault Tolerance (by Emin Gün Sirer)
    • Quote: «As long as there is a single copy of data (in memory or on disk), the resulting system is vulnerable to data loss due to a single fault. To achieve fault-tolerance, a system needs to make multiple copies of the data.»
  • Dynamo Sure Works Hard (by Damien Katz)
    • Quote: «Network Partitions are Rare, Server Failures are Not»
  • Kyle Kingsbury's blog: About databases, replication, network partitions, data loss, ...

Research papers