Development status

Protocol status

As of 2013-08-12

Add PING command.


Most of the protocol is defined.

  • Transaction support was added.
  • Conditional writing (ADD, UPDATE) was added.
  • Operations on integer values (INC, DEC) were added.

Remains to be done: Define all options for the LIST command.


2013-07-24: Serialization support.

2013-07-14: Named database support.

2013-07-12: Protocol evolution.

2013-06-26: First elaborated version of the protocol.
GET, PUT commands. DEL is a special case of PUT.

Implementation status

2013-08-14: Implementation of reading and writing timeout.

2013-08-13: PING command implementation. Automatic reconnection in CLI.

2013-08-11: SETDB, GET, DEL, PUT, ADD, UPDATE, START, COMMIT and ROLLBACK are all OK in FineDB's server, client library and CLI tool.

2013-08-07: Client library. CLI tool.

2013-08-05: ADD/UPDATE implementation.

2013-07-29: Transaction implementation.

2013-07-24: SETDB and DROP implementation.

2013-07-21: LIST implementation.

2013-07-18: Support of named databases.

2013-07-20: GET and PUT implementation, with compression/decompression support.

2013-07-01: DEL implementation.

2013-06-25: GET implementation.

2013-06-23: PUT implementation.